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Hall Hire

We rent out our spaces when they're not in use, for one-off events such as children's brithday parties and for regular groups meeting on a weekly or monthly basis.

The premises is accessible for people with limited mobility, with wheelchair access to all rooms and a disabled bathroom. Tables and chairs are available and our caretaker, Tom, is on hand should you need any help.

Please do get in touch with Margaret Flintham on 07817 202 285 or margaretflintham@yahoo.co.uk for more information, enquiries about availability or to book the space.


Our Rooms

Nash Hall

The Nash Hall is 35ft by 37ft, and is perfect for events like parties or larger group meetings. There is a sound system for playing CDs or audio off a device (given it takes an aux cable).

Price: £37.50 / hour

Wesley Room

The Wesley Room is a smaller room, great for smaller gatherings or meetings. It has a hatch through to the kitchen, so is perfect if you are looking to do some catering. Please enquire for information about hiring our kitchen.

Price: £24 / hour


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