The Mission

Memories of the Methodist Mission

Did you know that there was a Mission in Eastwood Rd.,  Rayleigh, between York Rd. and Lancaster Rd?

Eileen, has recorded these memories. If you know anything else about the Mission, please let us know so we can add to the History on the website.

Miss Outen was the Organist/ Pianist

Sunday School was held at 11 a.m. on Sundays, led by Miss Smith and Miss Alabaster.

Tuesday was Guild with crafts and fun

Wednesday (?) the Ladies Meeting was held.

There were different preachers each week from Leigh. I think that was the main Methodist Church.

On the Anniversary of “Phil’s” church we were marched there in 2’s “frog march” style

To win a Lord Wharton Bible we had to learn passages from the Bible.

It was quite well attended, there must be lots of other people with memories.

I attended from the age of 4, so I am remembering from 80 years ago!

Eileen Morgan

Images of the Wharton Bible - Image 1 - Image 2

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